1999 American Silver Eagle

Mintage levels were pushed to the highest levels in years for the 1999 Silver Eagle (Buy on eBay). The main driver was the uncertainty surrounding Y2K, which caused an increased demand for physical precious metals. Much of the buying was concentrated in bullion Gold Eagles, which experienced record sales levels, but silver bullion also benefited. The mintage for the bullion 1999 American Silver Eagle rose to nearly 7.5 million, representing the highest total since 1987.

1999 American Silver Eagle

Following the usual practice, the US Mint offered the 1999 Proof Silver Eagle (Buy on eBay) for collectors. These coins were struck with a high quality cameo proof finish and limited to 550,000 coins. The offering price for the coins was $24. The US Mint sold out the entire authorized mintage, although the final count is slightly lower due to adjustments.

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Despite the higher mintages of this year, collectors of certified coins will have some difficultly obtaining perfect graded proof coins in PCGS and NGC holders. MS 70 graded coins are a difficult find in NGC holders and do not exist in PCGS holders.

The overall average price of silver for 1999 was $5.22 per ounce. During the year, silver traded within a range of about $4.90 to $5.70 per ounce.

1999 Silver Eagle Mintage

Bullion Mintage: 7,408,640
Proof Mintage: 549,330

Coin Specification

Mint Mark: none (bullion), P (proof)
Designers: Adolph A. Weinman (obverse), John Mercanti (reverse)
Composition: 99.93% silver, 0.07% copper
Weight: 31.101 grams (1.000 ounces)
Diameter: 40.6 mm (1.598 inches)
Thickness: 2.98 mm (0.117 inches)
Edge: Reeded

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