Other Numismatic Products Containing Silver Eagles

In addition to the anniversary sets which capture most collector attention, the United States Mint has also released other numismatic products containing Silver Eagles over the years. The products discussed here contained either a proof, bullion, or collectible uncirculated version of the Silver Eagle along with other coins or notes in special packaging.

1993 Philadelphia Set

Philadelphia Set

In 1993, the U.S. Mint offered The Philadelphia Set (Buy on eBay), which was issued to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the striking of the first official U.S. coins at the Philadelphia Mint. This special set included each of the Proof American Gold and Silver Eagles struck at the Philadelphia Mint and containing the “P” mint mark. The 1993-P Proof Silver Eagle was included in the set along with the one-half ounce, one-quarter ounce, and one-tenth ounce 1993-P Proof Gold Eagles. Also included was a silver Philadelphia Bicentennial Medal, which specially produced for this numismatic product. Originally offered at $499.00, the Philadelphia Set recorded total sales of 12,689 units.

Millennium Coinage and Currency set

Millennium Coinage and Currency Set

Next up was the Millennium Coinage and Currency Set (Buy on eBay), which was offered in the summer of 2000. Each set included one 2000-D Sacagawea Dollar, one 2000 American Silver Eagle bullion coin, and a $1 Federal Reserve Note. There were unique aspects for each of these, with the Sacagawea Dollar found to have a special burnished finish, the Silver Eagle identified as produced at the West Point Mint although it did not carry a mint mark, and the note having a serial number beginning with “2000”. These sets were limited to production of 75,000 units and priced at $39.00 each. A rapid sell out was achieved, mainly due to excitement about the burnished dollar coins included.

Impressions of Liberty Set

To mark the launch of the new American Platinum Eagle bullion and collector coin series, the U.S. Mint offered the 1997 Impressions of Liberty Set (Buy on eBay). This set contained the one ounce 1997-W Proof Platinum Eagle, one ounce 1997-W Proof Gold Eagle, and one ounce 1997-P Proof Silver Eagle. Adding some special allure to the set, production was limited to just 5,000 units, which were individually numbered. The serial number for each set was engraved on a brass plate affixed to the wooden display case. These sets were priced at $1,499.00 each and achieved final audited sales of 4,965 units.

Legacies of Freedom Set

Legacies of Freedom Set

In 2004, the U.S. Mint worked with the Royal British Mint to create a numismatic product containing the silver bullion coins from each country. The Legacies of Freedom Set (Buy on eBay) contained one 2003 American Silver Eagle bullion coin and one 2002 British Silver Britannia bullion coin. The two coins were placed in special packaging which highlighted the importance of the two national icons. Priced at $49.99 per set, there was a maximum product limit of 50,000 units.

Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set

Annual Uncirculated Dollar Set

A new annual product was created which would contain uncirculated versions of the various $1 coins along with the collectible uncirculated American Silver Eagle. The Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set (Buy on eBay) was first offered in 2007. Each set included the four 2007 Presidential Dollars featuring George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison, the 2007 Sacagawea Dollar, and the 2007-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle.

In the following year, the set was offered containing the 2008-dated coins. For 2009, 2010, and 2011 the product was not offered, with the initial cancellation related to the shortage of silver eagle bullion coins. The product finally made its return in 2012 with redesigned packaging.

Making American History Coin and Currency Set

Making American History Coin and Currency Set

Recently, the U.S. Mint offered the 2012 Making American History Coin and Currency Set (Buy on eBay) to celebrate 220 years of the United States Mint and 150 years of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. The release of this set closely followed the San Francisco Silver Eagle Set and included the 2012-S Proof Silver Eagle. The set also contained a $5 note with a serial number beginning in “150”. The sets were priced at $72.95 with a maximum possible production of 100,000 units based on the availability of notes. The final audited mintage would reach 56,857 sets.

Limited Edition Silver Proof Set

Also for 2012, the first Limited Edition Silver Proof Set (Buy on eBay) was offered, representing a new upscale annual set product. Each set contained the 90% silver versions of the year’s five America the Beautiful Quarters, Kennedy Half Dollar, and Roosevelt Dime, along with the standard annual Proof American Silver Eagle. For the two years of issue, the special set incorporating these coins has been priced at $149.95 and limited to 50,000 units.

Limited Edition Silver Proof Set

Those sets have continued to be issued since then, but in some years the Proof American Silver Eagle included has varied.

In 2014 the set was priced a $139.95 and had a product limit of 50,000 units. The release of that set was delayed into 2015, and the Mint announced that improvements were made to the packaging of the set to address customer concerns such as regarding how well the coins were protected.

In 2015, the set was not issued because as a result of that delay, and the fact that the coins would have been sold in 2016, the Mint interpreted the legislation from December 2015 that approved the issuance of coins in 2016 with edge lettering for the 30th anniversary of the Silver Eagle program as applying to any collector Silver Eagles sold in 2016, which would have included coins in that set.

Then in 2016, the 8-piece set was resumed and included the 2016-W Proof Silver Eagle with the special edge lettering noting the 30th anniversary. It was again limited to 50,000 sets and priced at $139.95.

In 2017, the Mint changed things by including in the limited edition set, not a West Point Proof Silver Eagle as in prior years but instead a 2017-S Proof for the first time, giving collectors who missed out when that coin instantly sold out earlier in the year in the 2017 Congratulations Set another chance. Again, they were priced at $139.95 and limited to 50,000 units.

In 2018, an S-mint Proof was again included in the Limited Edition Silver Proof Set, which this time was priced at $144.95 and limited to 50,000 sets.

Once again in 2019, a San Francisco Proof coin was included in the set, which was now priced at $149.95 and limited again to 50,000 sets. But a major change was made to the other 7 coins in the set, which is that their composition was changed for the first time from .900 fine silver to .999 fine silver as a result of provisions in the very same legislation that also created the anniversary edge lettering in 2016 for collector versions of Silver Eagles. The language was written as saying the silver standard for these coins would be “not less than 90%,” which paved the way for the increase in purity. All subsequent sets would continue to include .999 fine silver coins for all denominations struck in silver.

In 2020, the set continued to include an S-Mint Proof coin and was now priced even higher at $201, a big increase over prior prices.

In 2021, for the first and so far only time, the Mint included both the 2021-W and 2021-S Proof Silver Eagle in the limited set. It was priced at $235. Both of the Silver Eagles in that year’s set were of the new Type 2 reverse design by Emily Damstra.

The 2022 limited edition set is expected to be released in the fall and to include an S-Mint Proof coin.

Congratulations Set

Starting in 2013, the United States Mint Congratulations Set (Buy on eBay) was offered, as part of a new line of products targeted towards gift giving occasions. This set included the standard annual Proof Silver Eagle within specially designed packaging which allowed a personalized message to be written the recipient. Despite slow sales, the product was offered again in the following year, creating another new annual offering.

Since then the Congratulations Set has continued to be issued each year, typically in January, and include a West Point Proof Silver Eagle with the exception of 2017 when it instead included a San Francisco Proof Silver Eagle.

Ronald Reagan Coin and Chronicles Set
Congratulations Set

Ronald Reagan Coin and Chronicles set

In 2016, the United States Mint issued the Ronald Reagan Coin and Chronicles Set (Buy on eBay). This product included the 2016 Ronald Reagan Presidential Dollar struck with a reverse proof finish, the 2016 Proof American Silver Eagle, the Ronald and Nancy Reagan Bronze Medal, a presidential portrait produced by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, and an informational booklet. The set was priced at $68.95 and limited to production of 150,000 units.

While similar sets had been issued for other Presidential Dollars, this set was the only one to contain a Proof Silver Eagle. This coin was included to acknowledge President Reagan’s role in supporting and signing into law the Liberty Coin Act (Public Law 99-61) which authorized the American Silver Eagle coin program. The 2016 Proof Silver Eagle is also notable as carrying a plain edge with incused lettering “30th anniversary” to mark the milestone within the program.

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