1986-1993 Silver Eagles

The American Eagle Silver Bullion Coin Program launched in 1986, providing a practical form of precious metal ownership for individual investors. From the outset, the program enjoyed great popularity with both investors as well as coin collectors. Within the first three years of the program, more than 20 million troy ounces of silver were purchased.

The design for the Silver Eagle features Adolph A. Weinman’s classic depiction of Walking Liberty on the obverse. She is shown with a flag draped across her shoulders and carrying a bouquet of olive branches, while she walks confidently towards the rising sun with her other hand extended. The reverse design features a heraldic eagle with thirteen stars above, designed by John Mercanti. This design would remain unchanged throughout the course of the series.

For the earliest years of the program, sales were high due to excitement about the new coins and pent up demand for silver investment. The bullion program recorded sales of more than 11 million coins in 1987, which would remain the high for more than two decades. The proof coin offered to collectors would sell more than 1.4 million coins in 1986, which remains the highest mintage for a collector version of the series. After these initial years, mintage levels started to decline, which would set the stage for some scarcer issues.

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